​Our good friends at Aussielabradoodle.com have recently added a word about puppy mills and we felt it was prudent to do the same.  As avid dog lovers we bristle when some consider all dog breeders as cold hearted people who exploit their poor dogs and we are rather offended when someone asks if we are a puppy mill.  We cherish our pets and feel our pups are given an excellent start in life.  We see them as wonderful additions to their new families.  That being said, there are certainly many reasons to be wary of dog breeders given the horrific conditions found in puppy mills.  It is difficult to even think about the way those poor dogs are kept and even the minimum requirements are far below what the standard should be for these precious creatures.  We believe all dogs should be cherished family pets so all of our dogs are kept indoors with the family.  They sleep in our bedrooms, play in our family rooms, and sometimes even go on vacation with us (although not all at one time!).  Rest assured that your new puppy will have spent the first eight weeks of their life being cuddled and kissed and played with by humans from age 3 to 82.  Their first home will be in our bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and family room.  We understand why some breeders have facilities to house their dogs apart from the home and in our travels we have seen immaculate outdoor kennels which are definitely not puppy mills.  We just prefer to do it our way.  So please ask us any questions you need to feel comfortable but don't make assumptions about all breeders.  We encourage you to visit the breeder or at least ask for pictures.  We don't keep our home open to random visits because it's our home and not a pet store but we will video, etc until you arrive on choosing day.  If you find what you feel is truly poor quality of care please do report it to your local Humane Society.  The only way to stop puppy mills is to report them and avoid supporting them financially.  If you buy from a pet store ask for the name of the breeder and check them out.   Not every pet store pet comes from a puppy mill but many of them do.  And let your conscience be your guide when selecting a new puppy.  If you believe that the only right way to acquire a new pet is through a rescue then this is what you must do but please do not judge those who prefer a new pup from a breeder.  We have done both and been blessed by each dog.  We have also purchased two wonderful dogs from people who had immaculate kennels but did not treat their parent dogs as family pets.  Although we find some of the competitive and back biting behavior of some breeders abhorrent, in order to be faithful to our own beliefs we will not be able to recommend any breeder who keeps their dogs outdoors or purchase a pup from them again.  You have to follow your heart.  Best, Kathy