Who are you and how long have 
you been doing this?
We are Kim, Kathy, and Ben Baker.   Kathy has retired from her  job as a Pediatric Nurse and runs the business full time now.  All three of us are involved with the care of our pets and puppies.  We started in 1997 with golden retrievers then started the doodles and Cockaliers in 2009.We have since added smaller hybrids and are thoroughly enjoying them.
Where do you keep your dogs and puppies?
All of our dogs are family pets and live indoors with us.  They sleep in our bedrooms or the family room, are allowed on most of the furniture, go on occasional vacations with us, and often ride along for short trips (although not all at once!).   Puppies are born in our bedroom in their own special area.  They are transitioned to the den, kitchen, dining room area or open loft at about 3 weeks so they are acclimated to the typical sites and sounds of a busy family.  We use crates only  during training or when there is no one home and they need to be safe.  We do not have outdoor kennels but do have a little over an acre and a half for them to run and play.  We now have some of our dogs in guardian families who cherish them.
How do you socialize your puppies and what is this Dr. Battaglia Early Neural Stimulation all about?
Our pups are handled gently from the moment they are born and we have been using the early neural stimulation since we started with the doodles.  It is a short 5 step program of handling the pups for 5 seconds each position.  It has been used with military dogs and is said to increase their ability to handle stress and increase intelligence.  I read about it years ago and felt it made sense.   Because we have heard so many positive reports from our puppy families and their vets and trainers regarding the calm disposition and "brilliance" of our pups, we believe it definitely has merit.  Our pups are also exposed to humans of all ages as they grow.  Look, how this puppy on the right learned to wink ;)....just kidding.
What do you feed the puppies? And why NuVet vitamins?
We have found different foods work better for each breed.  We are now using Taste of the Wild or Blue Buffalo or 4- Health Grain Free and are trialing American Journey. They are all premium grade and we determine which the pups seem to digest the best and which help them gain weight.  PLEASE ASK US WHICH FOOD YOUR PUPPY HAS BEEN STARTED ON BEFORE BUYING AND IF YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE FOOD,  TRANSITION THEM VERY SLOWLY.   NuVet Vitamins help with immunity and overall health.   Our dogs love them so much we have to store up high so they don't get the bottle!
What type of health check do the puppies receive and what is your guarantee?  Are parents health tested?
All of our puppies are de-wormed beginning at 2-3 weeks and taken to our wonderful vet and given their first vaccination at 6 weeks.  Our vet gives them a thorough exam and fills out our health check form.  He notes any abnormality even if it is a minor umbilical hernia from mom chewing the cord too closely.  We guarantee our pups for 1 year from any genetic life-threatening illness.  Our parent dogs receive check ups and are tested for issues common to the breed.  
What breeds/hybrids do you offer and what are the sizes?  And what about allergies?  Why do you breed more than one type of dog?
We currently have F1b golden doodles which range in size from 26 lbs to 52 lbs depending on their size at birth and whose size gene they get.  The average size so far has been in the low to mid 40's.  We always tell our new families to go with the size pup they want in the adult dog.  We also have Cockaliers and their weight consistently falls in the hig teens to low to mid 20's.  Our  smaller breeds range from 5-10 lbs and we have Toy Poodles, Malti-poos, Shi-poos, Cava-Tzus and Mal-Shi pups.  We have fallen in love with the poodles, Cavaliers, Maltese, and Shihtzus and are enjoying these smaller breeds.  They are all non-shedding except the cockaliers.         We breed different types of dogs because we have found that we thoroughly enjoy more than one breed/hybrid ourselves.  It's wonderful to compare different traits and interactions.  It's like having a lot of children, all different and all lovable!!
*The curlier coats of the doodles seem to offer the  best outcome with folks having sensitivities or allergies to dogs so when selecting your pup always take that into consideration if there is an issue.  With our smaller breeds coat type doesn't seem to make any difference.
How much do they cost?  How do I reserve a puppy?  When can I pick out my puppy and when can I take my puppy home?  Will anyone be available to help me know what to do to prepare and then later if I have questions?
F1b golden doodles are $1600 with the $400 deposit going towards purchase price.  Cockaliers and our smaller hybrids  are $1200-1500 with a $400 deposit towards purchase price.   All deposits are non-refundable but transferable if you notify us by the time the pup is 5 weeks old. We do not accept deposits until we have had a phone conversation with potential new families.  Full payment is due after 6 week vet check.   Of course all funds are transferable or  refundable if for some reason we do not have a puppy available for you d/t litter size.   A sample of NuVet Vitamins will come home with your puppy.   Pups can be selected via Facetime, videos, or pictures at 5-6 weeks or in person at 6 weeks after first vaccinations and vet exam.   They may be picked up at 8 weeks or later for the smaller breeds.  We will always be available for questions before and after but some questions will need to be directed to your veterinarian.
Checks  payable to Kathy Baker.  Paypal to email
Phone 740-972-4873  8am-7pm 
Nuvet Code 82288 and call 800-474-7044
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Please see Contact Us Page for info on Preparing for and Training Your New Puppy.  Thanks
Our first four Golden Retrievers.  Samson, Shelby, Nokio, and Darby.  We'll always love them.